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Getting the Best Annuity With the Right Annuity Quote

If you are a looking for a way to increase you stream of income each month then you may want to consider an annuity investment. An annuity investment is a great way to save money and is often used toward retirement. It is an important part of any retirement portfolio. Most annuity policies are underwritten by life insurance companies. But unlike, your life insurance, which you may outlive you, cannot outlive your fixed annuity fund. The best annuity gives you peace of mind for the future.

Why Choose a Fixed Annuity?

A fixed annuity quote is a good thing to get for various reasons. You cannot outlive your fixed annuity. When you apply for a fixed annuity quote they figure in your premium payment each month and how long they expect you to live then give you an expected monthly income. This is the amount you can expect to receive each month when you retire. But if they figure you will live to the age of 65 and you live to be 80 you still get paid each month that you are alive. This is why fixed annuities are a great option for retirement. But there are severe penalties if you decide to withdraw your money early.

Savings on Taxes

Another great reason t o get an annuity quote is they are taxed deferred. You invest a monthly premium and as your savings earns interest and grows it does so tax free. This is similar to other retirement plans such as an IRA and a 401K with one slight difference. Both of those allow you to invest money BEFORE paying taxes on the income. With an annuity you do have to pay taxes on your income before you invest it. But it is tax free once you are using it.

A Good Investment for Your Retirement

You don’t want to make a fixed annuity the only type of income you have coming in when you invest but it is a very nice source of extra income. You always want more than one source of income when possible. If you have tapped out what you can invest in your other mutual finds than a fixed annuity is the next obvious choice. It also doesn’t have the investment limits the other types of funds do.

Prepare for the Future

You don’t want to wait until it is too late to start planning for you future. You want to get an annuity quote to see what the best annuity fund is for you and to plan on how much you want to invest. You will be making plans for a safe and secure future.

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Image from page 885 of “Post Office Edinburgh and Leith directory” (1846)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: postofficeedinbu189394edin
Title: Post Office Edinburgh and Leith directory
Year: 1846 (1840s)
Authors: Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory Limited
Publisher: Edinburgh : Postmaster General
Contributing Library: National Library of Scotland
Digitizing Sponsor: National Library of Scotland

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ed daily (excepting Sunday), from Thurso at 6 p.m.,and from Kirkwall at 10.30 a.m. Shetland Islands Mails are conveyed in summer (1st May to 30tbSeptember) from Aberdeen every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 11 a.m. ;and retui-ning from Lerwick to Aberdeen every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,and Saturday at 8 p.m. In winter (1st October to 80th April) Mails are conveyed from Aberdeenon Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m., and on Fridays at 6 and 11 pm., alternately returning fromLerwick on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8 p.m. Island of Lewis Mails are conveyeddaily (Sunday excepted), from Stornoway at 1 a.m., and from Strome Ferry at 4 p.m. BROOKERS AL Are the best and only reliable Clocks.Oversleeping avoided by using one of these double-action Alarum Clocks. Thousands of these Clocks in daily use by Postmen,Policemen, Railw^ay Men, and others, who have toget up early in the morning. Terms—!4s» 6d. Cash, or I6s., Is. Weekly. RRAVOI rVEGOT IT

Text Appearing After Image:
The ALARUM has tloim it b work; Tho nmn la out of bed ai the apiramtcd fifue- It is (juilsimpofiaible for liUn to be Late, unless Uc wiUuliy goes bacU to Ud AGENT— 8 ST. JOHNS PLACE, EDINBURGH, POSTAL DIRECTORY—ENGLAND. 837 ENGLAND AND WALES. LIST OF MONEY ORDER OFFICES, POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANKS,INSURANCE, ANNUITY, AND TELEGRAPH OFFICES. Offices marked f are not Money Order Offices. Mails for places marked a are delivered or taken up by means of the apparatus attached to the Railway Post Office.Postal Telegraph Offices marked T ; Eailway Telegraph Offices marked R. Ashton – under -Lyne T Oldham roadRyecroftStamford cres.Stamford streetStockport rd. TTurner laneWest End TWhiteacre rd. T(xAshurst Wood TAsh Vale T f Ashwater R Ashwell, Herts. TAsh well, OakhamTaAskam T Askern T aAskiigg T fi|Aslockton R Aspatria T ftAspIey Guise TAspuU MoorAstley Astley Bridge TAston,Nantwich TAston,RotherhmTaA.ston, Stevenageo(A.eton-Glinton TaAstoD-on-Clun T(lAston-on-TrentrtAston TirroldAstwood B

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