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value of annuity

Immediate Annuity is the type of insurance contract that begins with one lump sum payment and starts immediately after the mentioned time period. As in current tough economic environment, the people are not able to fulfill their needs in efficient manner. And in the condition, when you are going to retire and just able to get the small portion of pension income every month then it is impossible for you to take full joy of life with the help of your pension income.
In this case, if you are planning to retire then the way to subscribing for immediate annuity contract is the best option for you. For this purpose, you can convert your retirement income in to immediate annuity contract and can able to receive the monthly income from the insurance company all over your lifetime. For example, if buy the contract of immediate annuity for $ 100,000 at the end of your employment, then the insurance company will pay you the money (depends upon the terms of contract) on monthly basis all over the life time or up to certain time period (depends upon the terms of contract).
There are also some main advantages of the Present Value of Annuity (Immediate Annuity) contract. One the main advantage of immediate annuity contact is that you are able to receive an un-ended income stream all over your life duration and can this stream will start immediately after your retirement. In addition, immediate annuity contract can also help you in the case if you are planning to retire early.
The insurance company will bear the all expenses and charges those are attached with early retirement and you have not to worry about the management of your retirement income because immediate annuity contract can do this job for you in the form of monthly income stream.

On the other side of coin, people face many problems when choosing between the insurance companies for the subscription of immediate annuity contract. Generally, everyone wants to choose the company which is offering highest returns. For this purpose, the only art is to choose the company that is trustworthy and offering the highest returns on your money.
The amount of monthly returns on the immediate annuity contracts depends upon on the terms and condition of the contract. Normally, the returns are in fixed or variable forms and can be varied according to the nature of the contract. You can also choose from several immediate annuity payout options that can be customized to meet your needs.
Living a healthy and long life is awesome, but a common problem for retirees is that they may outlive their savings. In this case, immediate annuity contract can be the best option for retirees. They can minimize their wealth risk in efficient manner with the help of immediate annuities. In addition, their beneficiaries are able to get the lump sum amount of the contract after their death or they can also get their invested amount themselves at the end of the contract. But this situation is only possible when they subscribe for the contract for a certain time period.
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Image from page 18 of “Descriptive Souvenir of Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.” (1917)
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Identifier: descriptives00fair
Title: Descriptive Souvenir of Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Fairmount Park Guard Pension Fund Association
Subjects: Fairmount Park (Philadelphia, Pa.). Fairmount Park (Philadelphia, Pa.).
Publisher: Philadelphia: Reichert
Contributing Library: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, McLean Library
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Surplus (Earned) 0,000.00 Acts as Executor, Administrator, Guardian, Trustee, Etc.Examines and Insures Titles to Real Estate, Loans Moneyon First Mortgage and on approved Collateral. ALLOWS INTEREST ON DEPOSITS OFFICERS AUGUSTUS I. WOOD, President CHRISTIAN G. GROSS, Vice-President RALPH I. LEVERING, Secretary and Treasurer WILLIAM H. THORN, Assistant SecretaryWESLEY H. HOOT, Assistant Treasurer .MARTIN McWILLIAMS. Title Officer FRANKLIN CHANDLER, Assistant Title Officer DIRECTORS Peter F. Carroll James G. Francis Christian G. Gross Samuel D. Hall J. Henry Jahke Joseph Johnson James M. Kelley George Masters William Mclntyre Wm. R. Nicholson Robert Patton Samuel L. Smedley Alex. Simpson. Jr Edw. W. Woolman Augustus I. Wood 1812 1917 THE Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on Lives and Granting Annuities TRUST AND SAFE DEPOSIT COMPANY Capital and Surplus – – – – ,000,000 C. S. W. PACKARD, President broad street office 517 Chestnut Street Che.tnut and Juniper Street. Philadelphia 16

Text Appearing After Image:
M m o 17 The ProvidentLife and Trust Company of Philadelphia, Pa. ^ Life Insurance in all its forms. •J Acts as Executor, &c. <J Deposits by Mail. •jf Monthly Statements by Mail. ^ Travelers Cheques. WRITE FOR LEAFLETS Fourth and Chestnut Streets EXECUTOR TRUSTEE Chartered 1866 Fidelity Trust Company Nos. 325 to 331 Chestnut Street and 45 to 53 S. Fourth Street BROAD STREET OFFICE N. E. Cor. Broad and Chestnut Streets CAPITAL – – – $ 5,000,000SURPLUS – – – 16,000,000 WILLIAM P. GEST, President INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS SAFES FOR RENT IN BURGLER PROOF VAULT WILLS SAFELY KEPT WITHOUT CHARGE ADMINISTRATOR GUARDIAN 18 Schuylkill Navy or other recognized boat clubsholding leases or licenses from the Commission-ers. All such boats shall, when under way, be-tween sunrise and sunset, display the flags ottheir clubs. 8. All boats and canoes, for which individuallicenses are required, shall for identification pur-poses display the number inserted in the licenseon each si

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