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What to look for before choosing an annuity scheme?

An annuity is a type of life insurance plan enrolling to which will provide a regular cash inflow as soon as the scheme reaches its maturity level. Annuity is designed to provide a steady stream of income during the tenure till which an individual can enjoy the income through this scheme. One can buy these policies through cash or with the help of accumulated finance from his pension. The annuity rate is an essential factor that needs to be considered while one purchases a particular policy. Any retired person can register to any of the annuity schemes if he desires to earn extra income in addition to his pension.

Buying a pension annuity policy with the pension amount ensures that the individual would get a pension inclusive of the annuity amount after retirement. For this reason, annuity rates must be taken into account while looking for a plan. Pension plans are in general availed by the retired people that involve numerous processes to help them choose the best possible deal.

While shopping for the best deal, one should try to find out A grade companies or even better. It is necessary to check the dependability of the companies offering the best annuity rate. An unstable company may not be able to pay you the amount inclusive of the rate in case if the company goes bankrupt. It has also been observed that a few companies not even return the principal amount to the pensioners. Hence, one needs to be careful in selecting an appropriate company with proper pension annuity rate. Searching for best Annuities Rates does not mean that one need not focus on the stability and reliability of the companies offering it. An honest company offers financial stability after your retirement as well as gives you a sense of security even at times of economic disturbances.

When looking into annuities, it would be a wise idea to ensure that you would always have a specific amount of money that you could count on, even in retirement. For this, you definitely need to know how much to invest so as to receive an adequate return. Annuities Calculator comes into the picture here.

With an annuity calculator, it is possible to determine the amount of your payout based on a specific amount invested. In other words, to know the amount of money you would need to deposit so that you can receive a certain amount of income as an annuity payment. An annuity calculator only requires you to feed some basic information like, the type of annuity (Single Life, Joint Life or Term Certain annuity), the amount of money you wish to receive and the amount of money you would like to invest. Annuity calculator answers all your questions at any time of the day. The representative of the company should provide you with the annuity calculator.

The best thing about the annuities is that they cater to the needs and demands of all investors. The diversity in annuities allows an individual to select a policy that provides him the best returns to suit his financial requirements.

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Image from page 58 of “Leonardo da Vinci, artist, thinker and man of science” (1898)
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Identifier: leonardodavincia01mn
Title: Leonardo da Vinci, artist, thinker and man of science
Year: 1898 (1890s)
Authors: Müntz, Eugène, 1845-1902
Subjects: Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519
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Lorenzo di Andrea Credi (1459—1537), the son and grandson ofgoldsmiths, was placed, when quite a child, under Verrocchios tuition, ^ Schmarsow, Pinturricchio in Rom, p. 5. Bode, Italienische Bildhauer, p. 151.Ulmann, Sandro Botticelli^ p. 38. LEONARDOS FELLOW-STUDENTS 29 and was still working under him, at the age of twenty-one, content withthe modest salary of one florin (about £2) a month. He was livingat that time (1480) with his mother Mona Lisa, a widow agedsixty years. His two sisters, Lucrezia and Lena, were married.The fortune of the little household consisted of a tiny property atCasarotta. A tender friendship united Lorenzo and his master, whom heaccompanied later to Venice, to assist in the execution of the statue

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LEONARDOS FIRST DATED LANDSCAPE. (Uffizi, Florence.) of Colleone, and who, at his death, named him his executor. Hiswas a nature profoundly contemplative and religious: he was animpassioned follower of Savonarola, as were the great majority ofFlorentine artists ; but, after the fall of the prophet, discourage-ment followed on boundless enthusiasm. His will bears witness tohis sense of contrition : after having assured the future of his oldwoman-servant, to whom he left his bedding, and an annuity in kind ;after having made certain donations to his niece and to the daughterof a friend, a goldsmith ; he directed that the rest of his fortuneshould go to the brotherhood of the indigent poor, and that his 30 LEONARDO DA VINCI obsequies should be as simple as possible : Quo minimo sumptufieri potest. Seven years younger than Leonardo, Lorenzo soon came underthe influence of his fellow-student. No one, affirms Vasari, couldbetter imitate the latters manner ; one of Leonardos pictures, inpart

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